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Introducing a new Process Excellence & Transformational Leadership blog co-moderator: Chris Wan

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It is with great pleasure that I’ll be partnering with Chris Wan to maintain and grow content for this Process Excellence & Transformational Leadership blog.  Chris brings a lot of experience in the process improvement space, particularly in terms of depth of expertise around collaborative tools and approaches that help foster a culture of continuous improvement.

Sharing a similar perspective around the need for a holistic approach to process
improvement and the importance of collaborative tools to embed process excellence within an organizational culture, we believe that partnering in the development of this blog provides a better opportunity to enrich the content as well as the frequency of updates to this site.

With the recent demise of the iSixSigma online community, we’ve lost a great resource for process improvement practitioners as it created an opportunity for people to exchange ideas, best practices and access a broad range of tools and resources.  While we do not intend to create a replacement for the iSixSigma community, by partnering we thing that we can increase the amount of perspectives and ideas to help those seeking to drive transformational change within their organizations.

Please join me in welcoming Chris as co-moderator.

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