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Process Excellence Leaders Meeting LIVE!

Coming up in just a few days, key Process Excellence Leaders in North America will be connecting in Chicago in a forum that promises to go past the tools and techniques to discuss how to enable and embed Process Excellence within an organization during times of change.  This four-day meeting will bring process excellence leaders from across all sectors in very focused workshops and benchmarking discussions to discuss themes such as building commitment for continuous improvement, championing organizational change, building grass-roots engagement, balancing innovation and process excellence, translating organizational strategy into program execution, shifting to enabling growth strategies, linking process excellence with Customer Experience management, best KM & HR practices and trends, sustaining deployments, LSS training 2.0 and accelerating lean. 

As a Deployment Leader myself, I am excited to be taking part in this event and will be capturing some of the key insights live throughout the day using my Twitter feed and at the end of each day on this blog.  Follow the discussion on the Process Excellence Leaders Meeting LIVE tab!

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Welcome to my new blog…

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After years of sharing my passion for Process Improvement through training programs, Executive offsite sessions and conferences that have connected me with over 1,500 passionate leaders and team members all with a strong desire to improve their business, the time has come to create a forum to discuss and share some of the thoughts  and concepts that are essential to the success of an organizational transformation.   

This blog will be dedicated to leading organizational transformations leveraging Lean Six Sigma, Process Excellence, Process Design/Re-engineering, Organizational Development and Change Management.  As there are many great sources of information on individual approaches, my goal is to create a dialogue for those that are interested in leading broader transformations or Lean Six Sigma / Process Improvement deployments.    

While my background is primarily in Lean Six Sigma, I am a big believer of a broad-based, holistic approach to process improvement.  I intend to provide regular updates, thought leadership and dialogue on topics that regularly come up among those leading new deployments or change initiatives in addition to providing live blogging from key events in the field and examples of successes.   

As I am not a consultant nor have anything to sell or promote, posts will remain unbiased and free from pitches or commercial content.  The opinions expressed are not necessarily those of my employer.  

I welcome your thoughts and insights to make this blog as interactive and useful as possible.   




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